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Service Dogs

The Mission 

The mission of our service dog program is to provide fully trained service dogs and empower their handlers. We work to enhance the lives of people with disabilities through highly trained dogs  

With our program, we aid in the selection of the right dog for the tasks required, fully train them for you, and aid in a seamless transition to your home.


You do NOT have to wait 24- 60 months to get a service dog placed as some local organizations propose. With our program, you can get one of our fully trained dogs placed within 3-6 months of contacting us.

How It Works

Step 1 - Fill out our contact form (below) and explain the type of service dog you are looking for, the details of the person's needs, and your contact information

Step 2 - One of our trainers will be in touch with you to set up a FREE consultation where we decide on the right dog for the job quote you according to the type of training 

Step 3 - After we pick out the right dog, we determine the type of training we will provide and how long it will take

Step 4 - After the training process, your fully trained service dog will be ready to come home, ready to work for you.

At pickup, clients will be taught proper handling skills, shown the dogs advanced obedience training, service dog protocols, and explained the laws and rights of a service dog handler after we have trained the dog

All dogs come with FREE lifetime support, refresher training and re-training can be provided if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a dog, can you train him/her?


Possibly, since a dog's workability is around 70% genetic, clients may not have a dog genetically capable of performing tasks, hence we offer to select the dog for you.However, if you do have the right dog, we can definitely help with the training, get in touch for a consultation below

How much does it cost?

Owning a service dog is like owning a pet dog, be prepared for vet bills, food, and grooming over the course of the dog's life. 

Our fully-trained service dogs cost anywhere between $10,000 - $30,000 depending on the dog and training needs

What breed will I get?

The breed depends on the task and assistance required, we have generally chosen golden retrievers and labrador retrievers for their great workability and reliability in the past

Will the dog come fully certified?


Yes, the dog will be locally registered and certified by NOBLE K9, however, a certification is not necessary under the AODA laws of Ontario. Just a doctor's note and quality training is enough

Will I be able to take my dog everywhere with me?

ABSOLUTELY, anywhere you go, the dog goes, hence our detailed consultation and training program so we can desensitize and train your prospective dog to the daily bustles of your busy life

Do you offer to finance the cost?

Yes, we do, we offer 12 - 24 month loan terms at 0% Interest to select clients 

As well, there are numerous government assistance programs you can apply to, crowdfund or use a bank loan

What breed will I get?

We specialize in : 

- Autism Service Dogs

- PTSD service dogs

- Companion Dogs (Anxiety or otherwise)

- Canine Assisted Intervention

- Medical Alert Dogs (diabetes, seizure onset)

If you require a dog for other services, let us know and we can customize the training for you.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch to set up a free consult to see if our services are right for you

Thanks for submitting! One of our trainers will be in touch ASAP!
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