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Board & Train

Leave All The Work To Us!

Are you looking to have your dog trained professionally and save yourself the effort and time?

We have the perfect program for you at NOBLE K9!

In our Board & Train Program, your dog stays with us and works on their training and manners every day.

Whether you just got a puppy and need help with crate training, or have a dog that you'd like to take Off-Leash anywhere and everywhere, we do it all. 

ALL Board & Trains get 2-3 walks a day, numerous play, training and potty breaks and 2-3 excursions a week for socialization & desensitization

Packages - ($870 per week)
(All packages come with 2 free follow-up private sessions, On leash comes with 1 follow up)

  • On Leash Obedience (2 Week Board and Train)

-Basic Manners + Socialization
-Sit, Down, Stay
- Basic Recall

-Loose Leash Walking

-Confidence and Relationship Building

  • Basic Off-Leash Obedience (3 Week Board and Train)

-Leash Manners
-Advanced Manners
-Confidence Building

-On-Leash Heel
- Reliable Sit, Down, Stay Off-Leash
-Basic Off-Leash Recall

  • Off-Leash Obedience (4-Week Program) - MOST POPULAR

-Reliable Recalls EVERYWHERE!
-Leash Manners + Off-Leash Heel
-Advanced Manners and Socialization
-Confidence Building
-Reliable Long Duration and Distance Stays, Sit, Down

-Distraction Proofing

  • BULLETPROOF Obedience OR Reactive Rehab (6-Week Program)

-Everything from Off-Leash Obedience +

-ADVANCED distraction proofing

OR for dogs that are reactive/aggressive towards other dogs/animals etc...

We Can Also Create A Custom Tailored Plan To Suit You & Your Dog*

Human Aggressive / Reactive Dog Board and Trains - Intensive 6-week rehab program

To Book Your Dog A Spot We Require A Non-Refundable Deposit of $500 + HST

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