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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to our FAQ page! Here, you'll find quick answers to common questions about our services. Click on a question to reveal the answer. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us.

  • Do You Offer Guarantees?
    We guarantee to do the absolute best we can to create harmony between yourself and the dog, however, because dogs are living beings and most of the training occurs at home, we can NOT ethically offer guarantees on any of our services.
  • How Do I Know We Are A Good Fit?
    If you are looking for reliable results, be it; general pet obedience, high level obedience, protection dog training, reactivity / aggression behavioral modification or service dog training, our trainers are highly experienced and specialized in each of these disciplines and are committed to your success. Book a free consult to learn more about how we can help you train your dog.
  • What Methods Do You Utilize?
    Simple Answer : Depends On The Dog! We do NOT stick to one methodology as dogs vary vastly in terms of temperaments, experiences and sensitivities. Quite simply, we teach using positive methods, utilizing food, play, touch and talk as rewards, then use gentle pressure to create obligation in the dogs learning. To create reliability, we believe, along with a lot of world renowned trainers in the use of all four quadrants of operant conditioning (as listed) -Positive Reinforcement -Positive Punishment -Negative Reinforcement -Negative Punishment We are very flexible and all we offer are suggestions, if at any point you are uncomfortable or do not want to use a certain method / tool we suggest, you are more than welcome to voice your opinion and we can adjust our training plan accordingly!!!
  • How Much Does Training Cost?
    Depends on what you are looking for! This is a tough question to answer as our training is accessible in a wide variety of formats, we have listed them below listed from price "low to high" - all prices exclude HST -Group Training - -Puppy Group Class - $325 -On Leash Group Class - $499 -Off Leash Group Class -$599 + E-Collar -Reactivity Group Class - $875 -Private 1-1 Training -Puppy Privates -$500 -On Leash Privates - $750 -Off Leash Privates - $850 + E-Collar -Reactivity Privates - $1200 -Board and Train - $870/Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 6Week
  • Group, Private or Board &Train- What Should I Choose?
    This is something you have to determine after assessing your situation closely. Group Classes - We HIGHLY recommend this for young puppies (younger than 5mo) to not only gain exposure at an early age, but also prevent common mistakes we see clients make. Great for On Leash and Off Leash Clients as well who have enough time to dedicate to training everyday (15-30 minutes x 2 times a day) - ALL of the results are made at home. Private Training - Great for folks who cannot commit to the same time every week (work schedules) and recommended for folks who learn better 1-1. You will miss out on the dog socialization and exposure portion, however, our trainers can bring out their demo dogs if need be. Prepare to dedicate training time at home everyday (15-30 mins x 2 times a day) Board & Train - Recommended for busy individuals who find it tough to carve out time during the day to train with your dog. (Let us do all the hard work for you), However, please be advised, you will have to follow instructions when you get your dog back home, it is a lot easier to enforce on a known behavior's than to teach those behavior's.
  • What is the minimum and maximum age for Puppy Class?
    There is no minimum age, however, we do require the puppies have their first set of vaccinations. We do not require their third set as the benefits of early exposure outweigh the risks, as well, we do NOT allow free play in the puppy class and disinfect all surfaces before and after thoroughly Maximum age is 5 months of age
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