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EXCLUSIVE! - Coming to Noble K9 February 1st, 2024!

Enrichment Daycare Club!

Doggy Daycare Done Better! 

7:30 am - 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday

For the first time in the region, we will offer a NEW service in the form of an enrichment daycare for ALL dogs. We heavily emphasize the dogs' health, well-being, manners and training as well!

This is NOT your traditional daycare, instead of cramming many dogs in one space, we treat them as the individuals they are!


Here are some of the activities your dog could enjoy look

while you're away at work:

  • Individual Hikes (On / Off Leash depending on their training level)

  • Small group hikes (if your dog is social with dogs)

  • Agility Playground

  • Individual Training Sessions

  • Rest Time either on "place" or in an individual crate

  • Small Controlled Playgroups with Matching Personality Dogs

  • Treadmill Training

  • Enrichment Activities

  • Manners (door manners, loose leash walking etc..)

Add Ons:

  • Day Training (same packages as board and train)

  • Place OR Loose Leash Training - $10

  • Recall Training - $15  

  • Non-Dog Friendly Dog - $15

  • Hike in the woods OR 1-1 Playtime w/ Trainer - $10  

  • Field Trips (Off-Site) $25

  • Early Drop Off / Late Pick Up $10 per hour

  • Overnight Boarding $30

  • Nail Trims $15

We begin offering this service on February 1st, 2024!



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